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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Australian Kenneth Craig Hill aka Craig Hill Is Veteran Scam Artist & China ESL Recruiter Of Foreign Teachers

The above is a photo of scam artist Craig Hill (The self-appointed "editor" of the China Daily Mail Blog). His full legal name is "Kenneth Craig Hill" and on August 17, 2007 the Queensland Court of Australia ruled that he was mentally disturbed.  Prior to this point Craig worked as a prison guard in Australia until he was asked to resign. You can read about that episode at this link:

According to China Scam Patrol and 2 former China ESL employees, Craig has been working undercover as a recruiter of foreign teachers for China ESL - the largest and longest-running scam agency in China.  He recruits through collecting emails at his China Daily Mail blog and places over 50 free ads on Craigslist, and many ESL/TEFL forums including those listed below:
Craig has been blacklisted by both the China Teachers Alliance and The China Foreign Teachers Union He was caught in many lies at following a vengeful attack upon the CFTU after they exposed his boss, Rebecca Tang (owner of China ESL)He posted his assault as user name "Traveler" at falsely claiming the CFTU was run by the Chinese government and that they charged membership fees (The CFTU never charged any fees to members)

According to former China ESL employees, Craig lured over 300 teachers to be swindled by Rebecca over the last 2 years and he was paid between $500 and $1,000 for each teacher he was able to recruit.

In 2009 Craig ran an email scam on thousands of people and that scam is explained at this link:

Craig was also featured at and Here is the article China Scam Patrol posted about him:

For more photos of Craig and the Australian Court Documents that confirm he is mentally disabled visit this link:


  1. Apparently Craig Hill has hired a hacker recently to start deleting all the fraud warnings and scam alerts that were posted about him and his China Daily Mail Identity Theft Scam.

    I counted 47 links to him about two months ago and today I can only find nine! Nice job Craig, but we already have your number!

  2. Yes, I also noticed the same thing... But here is one he missed...