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Friday, 3 May 2013

Scam! Scam! Scam! American Kids Language School in Hangzhou + Principal Kathy Hong - Beware Foreign Teachers!

Principal "Kathy Hong" - Not Her Real Name

Okay, we are not the first to warn about this unlicensed school so we will give credit where credit is due - American Teacher Martin Doherty and the China Foreign Teachers Union blew the whistle on these fraudsters 3 months ago. But the word needs to spread since they are still open for business and still ripping off parents and teachers.  Their sins include the following:

* Recruiting teachers abroad to work illegallyon an F visa and risk deportation

* Offering large salaries that disappear after you arrive in China

* Confiscating your passport to prevent a midnight run

* Selling you a release letter that the law says they MUST provide you for free

* Never returning deposits made by expat teachers

* Telling parents all their teachers are/were full time educators abroad

* Threaten teachers with "blacklisting"

* Never ever paying the last pay check

* No SAIC or Ministry of Education License To Operate a school

* Collecting taxes from teachers that are not paid to government

You can read the whole story about them and teacher's Doherty's full complaint at

Administrator "Susan" - No Last Name Ever Given To Anyone

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  1. Just an update... Three more foreign expat teachers have complained about these bandits and the CFTU says the Ministry of Justice assigned an investigator two weeks ago. Gosh, the wheels of Justice turn quite slow in China.